ED treatment

In the central area of New York that I live, erectile dysfunction is fairly common in those age 50 and older is between 21 and 46 percent depending on the  information you look at. Even if you take the low number, this is still extremely high when looking at how many men it possibly effect. It’s not something to be embarrassed about because obviously a good percentage of the male population in central New York are experiencing this type of problem. Thankfully, the more we understand about this disorder the more that can be done to not only treat it but also prevent it.

ED treatment

What causes erectile dysfunction in males?

Erectile dysfunction has many causes and a wide variety of them as well. Some can be physical but also psychological.  A few psychological include depression, stress, anger, self image, and anxiety. Physical reasons can be low libido, age, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain surgeries. Finally, there can also be things that are situational such as drinking liquor, smoking, illegal drugs, and medication. As you can see there are so many different reasons for men who are unable to get an erection at all or be able to keep one up. However, there are ways that you can prevent it from even happening.

How to prevent it from happening?

Some steps to prevent this from ever happening to you are pretty simple.

  • One is simply not smoking. It sounds pretty simple, but in the end smoking is an addiction and if you happen to find yourself in the throes of it then you should contact your doctor in order to make a plan. There are many programs sponsored by government (state and federal) that can help you stop.
  • A second thing to prevent ED is by following a healthy eating plan and being physically active. I know, this sounds pretty easy like just quitting smoking but it really isn’t. If you need to lose weight, eat healthy, or both then it’s something that is a complete lifestyle change. Really the best way is by talking to your doctor.
  • Finally, the two last things are pretty easy: one is remaining physically active. You don’t have to join a gym or anything. It can be done in your home or just be a simple brisk walk around the neighborhood. Either way, it will keep you active. The last thing is the most easy of all. Stay off illegal drugs. Yes, this can be an addiction but if you avoid it then you have a good chance of avoiding ED in the end.

Now let’s say you have tried to do all of this and it ends up happening regardless. It can because that can be life. If you do, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor because there are many ways that ED can be treated for those suffering with it. The main way is Viagra or Kamagra medication and there are some many common drugs out there used to treat ED. A second way is something like a penis pump or penile implant.

What doctor can help with erectile dysfunction?

Whatever you plan to use or want to use, talk to your doctor. Don’t be afraid to bring it up and discuss everything with them because in the end this is a common problem that is not shameful in the least.

5 thoughts on “Fed Up With ED: How To Treat And Alleviate Your Erectile Dysfunction For Good”

  1. After over a year of struggling with erectile dysfunction, I finally went to my doctor. He prescribed me a pill to take and I am so glad that I finally followed through with a treatment plan. Things have been functioning well ever since and it feels like my sex life is getting back to normal.

  2. Since reaching 50, I have experienced several instances of erectile dysfunction. My wife is hyper-sexed and she wants to have sex as many times possible. As a result, I have started taking cialis which has improved my condition, but there are still instances where it happens.

  3. I was diagnosed with ED two years ago at the age of 34. At first I was totally embarrassed by this as I had only been married for three years. My wife and I were distraught and it really wreaked havoc on our self esteem as a couple. Gradually, I’ve been able to find medication to help me manage the issue.

  4. I have suffered from erectile dysfunction since 2017. It’s a real bummer as I have been married 26 years. Sometimes I am able to deliver satisfaction to my wife, and at other times I just can’t get it together. My member seems to have a mind of its own when it shrivels up. My doctor says I need to adjust my diet and lose some weight and that may help significantly.

  5. I started to have issues with erectile dysfunction as I got older and was surprised as I really keep in shape and watch my diet. I was upfront with my wife about it and we talked about different things to do in the bedroom that might spice things up and give me a boost. Doing role play really helped and let me get gradually into a scene and I found more satisfaction.

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